About Us

Family owned and operated. We use only the freshest ingredients featuring Choice of Colorado 100% All Natural "Never Ever" fed antibiotics or growth hormones Beef and Red Bird® Chicken Breast for healthy, tasty food! Our mission at Bread Winners Cafe is to always exceed our guests' expectations. As we succeed, we expand our reputation as one of Arvada's Best Breakfast/Brunch spots.

A gathering of friend and family with delicious cuisine and wonderful company has been an exciting and important time for fellowship and celebration throughout time.

Along with our many reputable testimonials, online reviews, the greatest compliments we can receive is from our clients who make our business a success year after year.

We are located in Historic Olde town Arvada, Colorado and have been in business since 1992 with many business awards along the way. In 2012 we opened our restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Mark and Cynda Trudell are the owner operators and are involved with every aspect of the business. Mark is the chef and has over 35 years experience, while Cynda has over 30 years of experience and we work with our clients from start to finish; taking pride in everything we do. The majority of our staff has been part of our team for over 10 years which results in your event filled with hard-working staff who enjoy their time together and are professional, happy and gracious.

Our traditional form of culinary preparation means that no preservatives or artificial colors are involved in the preparation of our dishes, only pure food with pure taste and pure color. We are also happy to boast a wide variety of both vegetarian and gluten free menu options to cater to all customers without compromising the truly delectable cuisine we serve.