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Pancakes and French Toast - Breakfast Menu



Two pancakes, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 ham or 2 sausage and 2 eggs your way

Meat option:Bacon Sausage Ham All meats +$2No Meat Crispy Bac Chicken Sausage +$0.75
Egg Temp:Basted Cheese On Eggs +$0.50Egg White +$1Hard Boiled Over Easy Over Hard Over Medium Over Well Poached Poached Hard Scrambled Scrambled Hard Sunny Side Over Medium Well No Egg Scr Easy
Pancake Add On:Berries and Cream +$2.95Pure Maple Syrup +$2Chocolate Chips +$0.75Whipped Cream Blueberry +$1.50Sub French toast Sub Lemon blue +$1.95Sub Cinnamon +$1.50Sub Praline +$1.95Sub Banana Foster +$1.95Sub Gf French Toast +$2
Berries:Fresh Berries +$1.95Berries & Cream +$2.50Whip Chocolate Chips +$1