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Between the Buns - Lunch Menu

Patty Melt


Served on grilled rye with frizzled onions, mushrooms, double American cheese and spicy thousand island

Cheese:White American Cheddar Swiss Smoked Cheddar Pepperjack Mozzarella Shredded Cheese Bleu Cheese Goat Cheese No Cheese
Burger Meat temp:Pink No pink
Salad Dressings:Ranch Balsamic Raspberry Italian Thousand Island Chipotle Ranch Vinegar and Oil Bleu Cheese Dry
Sides:French Fries Salad Sweet Potato Wedges +$1.50Onion Rings +$1.50Cup of Soup +$1Fruit Breakfast potatoes No Pots Sub Fruit Specialty Side Salad +$2.95
Mods:Onions Bacon Mushrooms Pico Lettuce Cheese avocado On the side Bell Peppers Side Tomatoes Chipotle Aioli Egg White Chicken Sausage Ham Chicken Sausage Crispy Pots Crispy Bacon 1\2 Pork And Gravy 1\2 Spicy And Gravy Pork And Holly Spicy And Holly No Pots Sub Fruit Jalapenos