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Special EB Biscuits Plus


Egg Temp:Basted Cheese On Eggs +$0.50Egg White +$1Hard Boiled Over Easy Over Hard Over Medium Over Well Poached Poached Hard Scrambled Scrambled Hard Sunny Side Over Medium Well No Egg Scr Easy
Meat Option:All meats +$2Bacon Chicken sausage +$0.75Ham No meat Philly Meat Sausage Crispy Bacon
Pancake Add On:Berries and Cream +$2.95Pure Maple Syrup +$2Chocolate Chips +$0.75Whipped Cream Blueberry +$1.50Sub French toast Sub Lemon blue +$1.95Sub Cinnamon +$1.50Sub Praline +$1.95Sub Banana Foster +$1.95Sub Gf French Toast +$2
Mods:Onions Bacon Mushrooms Pico Lettuce Cheese avocado On the side Bell Peppers Side Tomatoes Chipotle Aioli Egg White Chicken Sausage Ham Chicken Sausage Crispy Pots Crispy Bacon 1\2 Pork And Gravy 1\2 Spicy And Gravy Pork And Holly Spicy And Holly No Pots Sub Fruit Jalapenos Potatoes